Analyze the Minerals in Your Hair

A hair mineral analysis reveals your mineral deficiencies, metabolic patterns, and heavy metal toxicity. Your body will dump excess minerals and heavy metals into your hair in an attempt to protect your vital organs. Hair mineral analysis also reveals information about your oxidation type (metabolic rate), energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, nervous system balance, kidney and liver stress, adrenal and thyroid function, immune system, trends for physical, mental, and emotional conditions, and more. Without the right balance of minerals, your health could suffer from a number of problems. Find the answers with a Hair Mineral Analysis performed by the trained staff at A Gift of Health. 

Find the Source of Your Mineral Imbalance

Minerals are deeply involved with the function of your body, especially the enzyme reactions that are essential to life. Our mineral test only takes five minutes, and you'll get your lab results in two to five weeks. We will go through the results with you in a 30 to 45-minute consultation. 
Hair mineral analysis

Reliable Mineral Analysis

  • Heavy and toxic metals
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
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"I've been a customer of A Gift of Health for nearly 11 years- our first introduction to healing naturally for our newborn daughter. My family has been blessed by the care we have received over the years, and the product knowledge that Shelly has gives us plenty of options."
Amber S.

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