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The eyes are the window to the soul, but they can also be the window to your physical and emotional well-being. A valuable science, Iridology, is able to reveal important information about the genetic strengths, weakness, and conditions affecting your body and your health. The Science of iridology deals with the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris (colored portion) of the eye. Find out about your physical and emotional predispositions with an Iridology assessment at A Gift of Health. We have been serving our customers  for 13 years and helping them develop healthier habits and a better sense of well-being and harmony in their lives.

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Our Iridology Consultation takes about an hour and a half. We use a camera to take a picture of your iris to analyze. While this tool cannot diagnose diseases; it does have the capability of revealing biochemical deficiencies, toxicity, inflammation, and predispositions to certain illnesses and diseases. With this information, we will discuss a nutritional and lifestyle approach to address your specific health concerns.
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